Catholic Charities - Common Table
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Common Table

Serving Weekly Lunches

Common Table works to reduce poverty through employment, create a sense of empowerment and dignity through a higher quality of life, and improve English skills for refugee students. Launched June 1, 2015, the program offers food service training to refugees, underemployed, and unemployed members of our community. This training helps people who typically face barriers to employment achieve success in their careers and personal lives.


The program supports itself through lunches served twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2234 West Market Street and through event catering.

For catering information and menu, follow the button below.

Culinary Arts Program

The following basic kitchen and food safety skills are taught during the course of the class in order to help the students establish gainful employment in the future:


  • how to use commercial kitchen equipment
  • sanitation
  • food safety
  • kitchen safety
  • food preparation and cooking methods
  • nutrition basics
  • customer service
  • resume building
  • interview skills
Culinary Arts Program

Certified Kitchen

Training takes place in the certified kitchen at Catholic Charities’ St. Anthony Campus, located at 2234 W. Market St, Louisville, KY 40212. Participants receive a total of 160 food training hours over 8 weeks. Upon completion of the program, participants receive the ServSafe food safety certification. They also receive time management skills, resume writing tips, and job placement assistance.


Whenever possible, the kitchen uses produce grown by refugees on our Incubator Farm.


The program is a social enterprise which supports itself through lunches served twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.